Name Title Email Website
Breuer, Todd Middle/High School Science Email Website
Clark, Lisa Speech Pathologist Email Website
Dilley, Tina MS/HS Business Email Website
Dilley, Troy Art Email Website
Drone, Tara English Email Website
Ellis, Katrina HS Math Email Website
Esser, Angie Special Education Assistant Email
Esser, Madeline Agricultural Education Instructor Email Website
Fassbinder, Nancy Head Cook Email
Fox, Ryan HS Social Studies Email Website
Hannah, Bill Elementary Principal Email Website
Hosey, Jessica High School Science Email Website
Hromadka, Dan Custodian Email
Jackley, Leatha Cook Email
Kalinowski, Jackie Health Aide Email
Kirschbaum, MacKenzie Administrative Assistant Email
Kluesner, Erin Library Assistant Email Website
Knapp, Kathy Cook Email
Koenig, Clay District Administrator Email
Lange, Brad Email Website
Magsig, Susana MS/HS Spanish Email Website
Martin, Ellen Choir/General Music Email Website
Martin, Mallory ES - HS PE and Adaptive PE Email Website
Mezera, Amy IEP Coordinator Email
Mink, Lisa Library Email
Mohr, Darcy Special Education Assistant Email
Moser, Linda HS Math Email Website
Mulrooney, Linda Cook Email
Nettesheim, Gary Tech Education Email Website
Osterday, Garth High School Science Email Website
Perry, Jennifer Instrumental Music Email Website
Quick, Mickey Multi-categorical Email Website
Schreiber, Lynn Special Education Assistant Email
Sperle, Shane Physical Education and High School Health Email Website
Steffensmeier, Stephanie Secretary Email
Stovey, Tammy Multi-categorical Email Website
Tesar, Brooke Cook Email
Thornton, Kerry 8th and 9th Grade English Email Website
Townsend, Caron School Counselor Email Website
Trautsch, Deb Title I Coordinator/Reading Specialist/ELL/ Homeless Liaison Email Website
Udelhoven, Christina Special Education Assistant Email
Winkers, Wade 5-12 Dean of Students/Athletic Director Email Website
Wunnicke, Jim Head Maintenance Email